From the News Desk

Microsoft Datacentres in the UK

Microsoft announced last month that it had opened three UK data centres, that will host Azure and Office 365. They spoke about this at the UK Partner Summit which I attended. You may not be able to see clearly from my picture but the UK is the largest cloud market in Europe and over the […]

Software Spotlight

Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts – The ultimate guide

If your current shortcut vocabulary only stretches to Ctrl + C or Ctrl + V. You’re missing out on tons of time saving shortcut keys that can save you vital seconds and turn you into a Windows Ninja… Keyboard shortcut Action Windows key Open or close Start Menu. Windows key + A Open Action center. Windows […]

Hardware Spotlight

Hands off: Surface Studio

  I’ve read a couple of Hands On articles about the new the Surface Studio. So I thought it was about time someone wrote a hands off article. I don’t actually know where I would have to go to get some time with a Surface Studio. Since I’m in Cambridge UK, I could break wander […]