Veeam Backup & Replication 6.5

Veeam have announced v6.5 of their popular Backup & Replication program. As with most Veeam updates, they add some great new features, see the quick overview below.

The most notable new features for us in v6.5 are:

Free e-discovery and item recovery for Microsoft Exchange. Basically now even the Standard version of Veeam has item level recovery for Exchange. This is a welcome feature, and has greatly simplified the dreaded task of recovering mail. See a quick demo below, of just how easy it now is to restore a single item from a backup.

New hypervisor support: VMware vSphere 5.1 and Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V. This is a welcome addition, as Server 2012 Hyper-V is looking to be a fantastic product that we’ve already started using in production.

Click here for more info on Veeam Backup & Replication 6.5


Microsoft Lync 2010 Proof of Concept

1plex, the sister company of Syplex have successfully completed a Microsoft Lync 2010 Enterprise Voice proof of concept for a Cambridge based independent six form college. 

The proof of concept involved replacing a legacy PBX with Microsoft Lync utilising an Audiocodes voice gateway and a mix of Polycom and Snom handsets. The proof of concept was the first phase of a complete voice rationalisation project that will see the college roll out MS Lync campus wide.

If you would like more information about Microsoft Lync please contact us.

Hybrid deployment of Office 365

Syplex have recently completed the migration of Oxford Innovation’s Business Coaching division to the Office 365 Cloud based email service, in a hybrid on-premise/off-premise deployment.  The hybrid deployment allows the use of the Cloud based Office 365 platform for easy scalability of the rapidly growing division, whilst full integration with the existing on-premise Exchange 2010 system retains a single email domain for all staff company-wide.

Office 365 Hybrid diagram

Image courtesy of the Microsoft Exchange Deployment Assistant

Unveiling the Microsoft Surface Tablet

Microsoft have unveiled the Microsoft Surface, a new tablet from Microsoft. Similar to the Apple iPad, Microsoft have designed the hardware and software on their latest device.

Photo courtesy of Microsoft

There will be 2 flavours to start with, both will sport a 10.6” capacitive touchscreen, but that’s about as similar as they get:

Microsoft Surface for Windows RT

This first tablet will run on an ARM processor, with a cut down “Apps” only version of Windows 8 and will be released around the same time as Windows 8.

Microsoft Surface for Windows 8 Pro

The second tablet, will be thicker and heavier than it’s ARM counterpart and is rumoured to contain an Ivy Bridge Core i5, making it more comparable with a laptop than a tablet. As such it will run the full version of Windows 8 and could make an interesting alternative to an ultrabook/laptop, especially with the keyboard built in to the case.

This is an interesting move from Microsoft, as they will have to compete on hardware/pricing with other manufactures of Windows 8 tablets.

Download the spec sheet from Microsoft.

Find out more at the Microsoft website.

Microsoft Lync 2010 Showcase Video

Microsoft have featured a Microsoft Lync 2010 project for which Syplex designed and delivered the UK user training in a Showcase Video on their website. Take a look at the Microsoft Showcase Video.

Introducing 1plex

Having attained the Microsoft Silver Communications competency specialising in Microsoft Lync 2010 technology and undertaken several successful Microsoft Lync 2010 implementations, we have founded a sister company, 1plex.

1plex, which is also based at our Cambridge offices, will specialise in Microsoft Lync 2010 and related technologies including Polycom telepresence and video solutions.

1plex will be headed up by Jonathan Rushton and by Will Talbot who has overseen the design and delivery of several successful Microsoft Lync 2010 and integrated video conferencing solutions.

Commenting on the launching of 1plex, Will says:
“We look forward to building on the success of our recent Microsoft Lync 2010 and Polycom implementations. There is no better technology for improving the way businesses communicate and collaborate in-house and with external staff, customers and suppliers. We aim to become the consultancy of choice for companies in East Anglia and beyond seeking to obtain maximum value from integrating these market-leading Unified Communications technologies.”

For more information please visit the 1plex website.

New Latitude laptops and Optiplex desktops from Dell

New Latitudes replacing the 2 range of E-Series, (E6520, E6420, E6320 etc…).

New Optiplex’s replacing the 9 range (990, 790, 390).

Seems like a minor refresh to include the new 3rd gen (Ivy Bridge) Intel i5’s and i7’s. There’s no radical redesigns, as with the previous refresh, or the current server refresh. You can spot the new processors by the name. Anything with a 3 as the first number after the model number is a gen 3. e.g. i5-3320M previous gen would be i5-2430M.

Can still have a 2nd gen in some of them (there’s no 3rd gen i3 yet).


12.5” E6230 (from: £979)

13.3” E6330 (from: £929)

14” E5430 (from: £549)

14″ E6430 (from: £729)

15.6” E5530 (from: £559)

15.6″ E6530 (from: £749)


3010 (from: £329)

7010 (from: £479)

9010 (from: £629)

Silver Communications Partner Status attained specialising in MS Lync

Specialists in Microsoft Lync 2010 Deployment

As an active Microsoft Partner based in Cambridge, Syplex has recently attained the Microsoft Silver Communications competency specialising in Microsoft Lync 2010.  As IT Consultants we have the expertise to sell, design, install and support Microsoft Lync 2010 solutions alongside other complimentary hardware and software such as Polycom.

A bit from Microsoft about Lync

Workplaces are changing. Teams are more distributed. Customers need productivity tools that enable them to work from virtually anywhere. Communications is a core part of a customer’s productivity and is continuing to evolve and change the way people interact. Additionally, the industry is changing, and as IDC indicates, a few factors that are shaping the industry are that “Mobility is increasing in importance” and that “Enterprises increasingly expect to customize work flows with communications capabilities.

 Microsoft Lync connects users in new ways, regardless of their physical location. The latest release of the Unified Communications platform delivers a fresh, intuitive user experience that is directly accessible from Microsoft Office applications such as Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft SharePoint. Lync brings together the different ways people communicate in a single interface, is deployed as a unified platform, and is administered through a single management infrastructure. The unified nature of the system helps reduce costs and facilitates rapid user adoption. And because Lync is broadly interoperable, it fits into current IT infrastructures for easier deployment and migration.

What’s new in Sophos Endpoint 10

What’s new in Sophos Endpoint 10.

The latest Endpoint client from Sophos, claims to be faster and easier than ever before. Click on the link to find out more.




Syplex Get Polycom Certified

We have recently received our certification for Polycom. We have a Polycom HDX 7000 demo unit available for on-site customer evaluations. For more information about Polycom and the HDX 7000 please visit the Polycom website or download the HDX 7000 datasheet.