Hands off: Surface Studio



I’ve read a couple of Hands On articles about the new the Surface Studio. So I thought it was about time someone wrote a hands off article. I don’t actually know where I would have to go to get some time with a Surface Studio. Since I’m in Cambridge UK, I could break wander into the Microsoft Research offices near the train station, I bet they’ve got a couple. Otherwise I would probably have to hop on a train to London to try and find one.


Anyway, onto the actual product. It looks great and it’s expensive …okay that is pretty much the meat of this Sunday roast. I think it’s going to sell really well, especially as Apple isn’t going to release a new iMac or Mac Pro for a while I can see quite a few users that would normally buy an iMac being tempted, especially as the iMac doesn’t have a touch screen.

The Surface Dial seems like quite a nice innovation and the fact the screen can tilt to become something that resembles a tablet makes the device handy for a wide range of uses. The hardware design is simple and functional. It feels a lot like something that Andrew Kim would have helped design – maybe check out his blog if you haven’t seen it yet.