Windows 8/8.1 Useful Shortcuts


In an attempt to make using Windows 8 & 8.1 a little easier, especially for those who use shortcuts, we have put together a reference list for you to use.

  • Windows key + D = Desktop (A quick way to get back to the desktop)
  • Windows key + X = Will bring up a useful menu allowing quick access to features and options such as ‘Control Panel’ and ‘Shut down or sign out’. Pressing the underlined letter will take you straight to that feature. E.g. Windows key + X followed by ‘A’ will open a command prompt with administrative rights.

  • Alt + F4 = Closes the currently open application.
  • Windows key + (arrow up, left, right, down) = Snaps the currently selected window to either a side of the desktop, full screen or minimizes.
  • Windows key + R = Opens the Run prompt.
  • Windows key + H = Opens the Share menu.
  • Windows key + K = Opens the devices menu.
  • Alt + Tab = Cycles through all the currently open windows
  • Windows key + Q (also S in 8.1)= Search (A quick and easy way of searching for programs or files)

  • Windows key + C = Opens the settings bar.

 These are the shortcuts that we find useful, Microsoft have a very comprehensive list which can be found here.