Microsoft rebrand SkyDrive to OneDrive

Microsoft have updated their SkyDrive personal cloud storage to OneDrive. This will temporarily avoid the confusion 365 users have with their SkyDrive Pro personal cloud storage (also sometimes abbreviated to SkyDrive). But the reason for the change is due to them losing the name in a law suit against Sky. Read more here




The SkyDrive apps (Phone and Tablet) have been updated to reflect the name change. There is also a nice little 3GB bonus to go along with the new auto upload feature. Auto upload has been missing from SkyDrive on Android phones for a while now, so it’s nice to see this finally implemented. It has the usual options of; auto resizing the images on upload, whether or not to include videos and whether or not to use your mobile network.



 Windows 8.1 comes with SkyDrive built in, so this will still work with OneDrive. No information yet on when this will be renamed to OneDrive for Business.