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Microsoft Lync 2010 Proof of Concept

1plex, the sister company of Syplex have successfully completed a Microsoft Lync 2010 Enterprise Voice proof of concept for a Cambridge based independent six form college. 

The proof of concept involved replacing a legacy PBX with Microsoft Lync utilising an Audiocodes voice gateway and a mix of Polycom and Snom handsets. The proof of concept was the first phase of a complete voice rationalisation project that will see the college roll out MS Lync campus wide.

If you would like more information about Microsoft Lync please contact us.

Hybrid deployment of Office 365

Syplex have recently completed the migration of Oxford Innovation’s Business Coaching division to the Office 365 Cloud based email service, in a hybrid on-premise/off-premise deployment.  The hybrid deployment allows the use of the Cloud based Office 365 platform for easy scalability of the rapidly growing division, whilst full integration with the existing on-premise Exchange 2010 system retains a single email domain for all staff company-wide.

Office 365 Hybrid diagram

Image courtesy of the Microsoft Exchange Deployment Assistant