New Latitude laptops and Optiplex desktops from Dell

New Latitudes replacing the 2 range of E-Series, (E6520, E6420, E6320 etc…).

New Optiplex’s replacing the 9 range (990, 790, 390).

Seems like a minor refresh to include the new 3rd gen (Ivy Bridge) Intel i5’s and i7’s. There’s no radical redesigns, as with the previous refresh, or the current server refresh. You can spot the new processors by the name. Anything with a 3 as the first number after the model number is a gen 3. e.g. i5-3320M previous gen would be i5-2430M.

Can still have a 2nd gen in some of them (there’s no 3rd gen i3 yet).


12.5” E6230 (from: £979)

13.3” E6330 (from: £929)

14” E5430 (from: £549)

14″ E6430 (from: £729)

15.6” E5530 (from: £559)

15.6″ E6530 (from: £749)


3010 (from: £329)

7010 (from: £479)

9010 (from: £629)