Unveiling the Microsoft Surface Tablet

Microsoft have unveiled the Microsoft Surface, a new tablet from Microsoft. Similar to the Apple iPad, Microsoft have designed the hardware and software on their latest device.

Photo courtesy of Microsoft

There will be 2 flavours to start with, both will sport a 10.6” capacitive touchscreen, but that’s about as similar as they get:

Microsoft Surface for Windows RT

This first tablet will run on an ARM processor, with a cut down “Apps” only version of Windows 8 and will be released around the same time as Windows 8.

Microsoft Surface for Windows 8 Pro

The second tablet, will be thicker and heavier than it’s ARM counterpart and is rumoured to contain an Ivy Bridge Core i5, making it more comparable with a laptop than a tablet. As such it will run the full version of Windows 8 and could make an interesting alternative to an ultrabook/laptop, especially with the keyboard built in to the case.

This is an interesting move from Microsoft, as they will have to compete on hardware/pricing with other manufactures of Windows 8 tablets.

Download the spec sheet from Microsoft.

Find out more at the Microsoft website.