Page Layout Button Disabled on Ribbon – SharePoint 2010

Changing the Page Layout might seem like an easy task, but it may not always seem as straightforward as you think.  Many people report this as an error or bug because the button seems to be disabled by default.

Here is what it looks like when disabled:


If you have the right permissions and are allowed to select from multiple Page Layouts perform these steps to enable the button.

  • Click the Check-out button on the Page tab
  • This will redirect you to the Browse tab if you have the Ribbon shown.
  • Next on the Edit tab click the Edit button on the Page tab
  • Now in Edit mode, click the Page tab once again
  • The Page Layout tab is now ready to use!

So the key to have the ability to change the Page Layout is you must have.

  1. Permissions to edit the layout
  2. Page Layouts available to change
  3. The page checked out
  4. The page in edit mode

Thanks to Brendon for his blog post here –