BlackBerry Tips and Shortcuts

General Navigation Tips and Shortcuts

  1. Hold the ALT key while you roll the track wheel to
    1. scroll through available options.
    2. scroll horizontally in any field where you can enter or view text.
  2. Hold the SHIFT or CAP key while you roll the track wheel to select multiple items in a list.
  3. Type the first letter of an item in an options list or menu to jump directly to that item.
  4. To rearrange icons on the Home screen, hold the ALT key and click the track wheel to select an icon to move. Roll the track wheel then click again to “drop” it into the new position.
  5. Hold down the ALT key and click the Escape key to jump between open applications.
  6. Type the first letters of a name or the initials separated by a space to find a contact in the Address Book screen.
  7. Press C to create a new message, task, or appointment in the Messages, Saved Messages, Calendar, and Tasks functions.
  8. Press T to go to the top and B to go to the bottom message, task, memo, or appointment in the list.
  9. Hold down ALT, CAP and S to obtain a running task list.

Mailbox Tips and Shortcuts (some shortcuts require the message to be open)

  1. to delete all messages prior to a certain date: scroll to the date, click in on the track wheel (or blackberry icon), choose Delete Prior from the menu and click in on the track wheel
  2. press n to go to the next day (back in time) or p to go to the previous day (forwards in time)
  3. press n to go to the next message or p to view the previous message (within a message)
  4. press u to go to the nearest unread message
  5. press t to go to the top or b to go to the bottom of the message.
  6. press ENTER to page down within a message, line by line.
  7. press SPACE to page down quickly
  8. when replying to a message, use the blackberry icon “Delete Original Text” to respond without previous text.
  9. to view an email address, scroll your cursor over a name in the To, Cc or Bcc section of the¬†message, then press the blackberry icon and “Show Address”.
  10. press r to reply to a message
  11. press f to forward a message
  12. press backspace to close the message and return to the inbox

Entering Text

  1. In an Email field, press the SPACE key to insert the “@” and “.” characters.
  2. Press the SPACE key twice to insert a period and capitalize the next letter.
  3. Press and hold a letter key and roll the wheel to scroll through international characters, equation and other symbols. e.g. to obtain © hold c while scrolling
  4. Press and hold a letter to capitalize it (with Key Rate enabled).
  5. Press ALT + SPACE to open the Select Symbol screen. Press the associated letter below the symbol that you want to insert into the text.
  6. To cut or copy text, scroll to the start of the text to be copied. Then highlight text by either
    1. pressing the shift key and scrolling, or
    2. pressing the ALT key, clicking the trackwheel/blackberry icon and scrolling. Click and select Cut Selection or Copy Selection.
  7. To paste the cut or copied text, place the cursor in an editable field and click trackwheel/blackberry icon. Scroll to Paste Selection and click.

Calendar Tips and Shortcuts (you may need to set Enable Quick Entry to Off for these to work)

  1. Press T to go to Today, or
  2. press G to go to a specific Date.
  3. Press D for a Daily view
  4. Press W to go to a Weekly view
  5. Press M for a Monthly view

Device Status

  1. Press and hold the ALT key (orange button), CAP key and B key (ALT-CAP-B)
  2. This screen will tell you: Battery life in % and volts remaining, Build number and date, Free
  3. memory, Com port status and other information.
  4. To exit press the ESC key


  1. safeguard data on your Blackberry with the password and security time out features (Options /Security section).
  2. Owner Information is displayed when the screen is locked (Options / Owner section) so consider including a telephone number to call if the handheld becomes lost property.
  3. If someone types in the wrong password 10 times, the Blackberry will erase itself to prevent access.

Notify Options

  1. you can set your Blackberry to alert you one way in the holster and a different way out of the holster (Options / Notify section)
  2. if you only want to be alerted of High priority emails, go to Options / Notify and change “Level 1 notify only” to “Yes.”

How to Turn on the Backlight:

  1. Model 950/850 – Press the alt key (orange) three times, light goes off after 10 seconds of inactivity.
  2. Model 957/857 – Press the silver key once to turn on or off, light goes off after 20 seconds of inactivity.

Conserving Battery Life

  1. try to use the holster when not viewing the BlackBerry device, as it blanks the screen
  2. the largest draw on the battery is the transmitter. Being in fringe or no coverage areas will eat up your battery as it attempts to transmit. If you’re in an area that is out of range, turn your BlackBerry’s radio off manually or use Options / Auto On Off to conserve battery life.


  1. if the device freezes and the RESET message comes up, type ” info “to obtain more information.
  2. to Reboot, press and hold the alt key (orange button), CAP key and backspace key. This will do a soft reboot, you will not lose your data.